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Products and equipements

Solutions for public lighting for municipalities, villages and /or businesses

  • Solar street : main features: 80W Panel or Higher – Autonomy of 2 6 Year Warranty days
  • Solar panels
  • Solar powered electric vehicles (bicycles, motorbikes, tricycles and scooters)

Solutions for communities

  • Solar systems for communities (micro and mini-grids) – 1 to 10 KW Panel system; opportunity for local management and operations support; Integrated cashless Billing Systems ; Flexible and Modular setup and design.
  • Power generators
  • Solar powered lanterns
  • Solar-powered water pumps
    Solar batteries
  • Solar powerbankSolar irrigation systems – Systems size based on size of pumping needs and storage capacity; opportunity for local Management and Operational Support throughout crop planting and harvesting
  • Solar batteries
  • Solar powerbanks
  • Solutions for households

    • Solar home systems – including 3 and up to 5 light bulbs – key features: 12-200W Panels; 2 lights or More (1W each light); USB Charging ; 2 Year Warranty
    • Pay as You Go Systems; Integration with Mobile Money Companies
    • Solar Torches
    • Solar water heaters
    • Solar powered electric vehicles (bicycles, motorbikes and scooters)
    • Flashlights
    • Portable phone chargers
    • Portable Radios
    • Desk Lamps
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